My clients prefer discretion, just like you.

Content marketing strategies define a company’s heartbeat. They must take into account a brand’s strategic direction, the differentiation of their activity from that of their biggest competitor, and the choice of long-term and short-term objectives. That’s the reason why, since I shifted from a corporate management role to working as an independent strategist in 1997, I have never ever published the name of a client.

If client privacy is good enough for doctors, lawyers and relationship counsellors, it’s certainly good enough for me. After all I try to heal my clients when necessary or prevent them from falling ill, I defend their interests in competitive situations and I help them to improve their client relations.

When my clients obtain results, the success is fully theirs. I will never enter an industry award competition based on a client case. Since 1997, my reward has been client satisfaction, and that’s more than enough for me. (Some customer reviews of my work have been published on my Linkedin profile.)

One final thought before I put this subject to rest: if I boast about top results with one client, does that ensure results for you? You only have to think about the world of top sports coaches and star players to know that success, unfortunately, is never guaranteed. Somebody can be very successful with one team and yet experience absolute failure with another. There are simply too many factors involved in the equation to single out one unique element that will always ensure success.

My advice: just talk to me! It’s free and I don’t bite. And then, talk to as many other consultants as you can find. Trust your own judgement and you will make the right decision about whom to work with in a heartbeat.

Call me on +31 653 430 200 or use the form below if you prefer. As promised, privacy is always assured.

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Bert van Loon

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