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It’s all about the ambition to be better every time
Speaking at an event is not about flipping slides and fast tracking to a short Q&A. It’s about interacting with an audience as if it’s the last time you will have the pleasure of sharing your views and discussing challenges

Finding the right speakers is essential to the success of your event. We all know the first and last ‘law of events’: “it can only be done right once, and you can never make up for failure”. I live and work by this rule, taking every event as seriously as if my life depended on it. If our audience isn’t going to walk away after a presentation with fresh inspiration and actionable ideas, we shouldn’t be wasting their time.

Exploring the possibilities for your event – step by step
When we are exploring the possibility of having me speak at your event, I will send you an intake form after our first introductory e-mail exchange. The information from that form will give us a detailed picture about your objectives, the profile of your audience and some practical details. I will then follow up with a scheduled call on Skype or by phone to have a 15-minute chat to discuss the information you have provided and, and to throw around a few ideas about the best keynote or workshop to match your requirements. This kick-off procedure is designed to make your life as an event organiser as simple and as effective as possible. The intake is free of charge and is essential for both you and me to decide if we can deliver impact to your audience. As a bonus, we might even come up with ideas for increasing the number of event participants or extending the reach and impact of the event.

If we decide to take things further we will either agree on a provisional option or book a firm date. (If you’re interested you can find some recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.)

Your priorities, my experience
I speak on a number of topics around innovation in marketing and communication to corporate gatherings, public events and boardroom sessions. Whether it’s a keynote for a conference, a workshop, a webinar or an intimate gathering of key executives of your organisation, my motivation is to find the right hook and tone to ensure that I make an impact on my audience, regardless of the situation and context. I can pull from over 25 years hands-on and strategic business experience in marketing, communication and entrepreneurship to bring my presentations to life with anecdotes, real-life stories and recognisable examples. This makes buzzwords like content marketing, inbound marketing, cross media, marketing innovation, the conversational company or the social business much more human, accompanied by clear, actionable directions!

Let’s talk
As a speaker and moderator, I am used to travelling to events around the globe. My passport still has some spare pages for stamps from new destinations, so don’t hesitate to call me in, wherever you hold your event. Last year, I visited a dozen different countries, although I have only seen the airport, the conference location and the shortest route between the two of them in most destinations. The real, memorable attraction, however, has always been the human exchange during these meetings.

I am looking forward to contributing to your event. Let’s talk!

No strings attached, let’s talk about your event!

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